for parents:

  • You are building a new parenting muscle to help kids thrive rather than just survive
  • Semantics DO make a difference…choose your language with mindfulness
  • Narrate what you see as their process
  • Help them make sense of their experience
  • Say what you SEE
  • Limits are part of the loving experience…an essential ingredient to your child’s growth and development
  • Tell them what you WANT them to do, NOT what you DON’T want them to do.
  • Help them to stop their bodies
  • Honor their impulse and redirect
  • Use swift follow through

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for kids:

  • You’re having BIG feelings
  • Your idea was…My idea was…that’s frustrating for you
  • Mommy is all done listening right now
  • You are using your ‘Bossy’ voice- Can you use your ‘Regular’ voice?
  • When you are ready to use your "regular" voice, I am happy to help you
  • Try again
  • When…..Then…
  • You are the BOSS of your body
  • You DID it!
  • You must feel PROUD!
  • Mommy’s job is to keep you safe and healthy…your job is to…listen, stay close, etc.
  • Listen to your body

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