"Allison’s body of knowledge regarding babies, kids and child development is immense. She is an amazing resource and voice of reason for parents everywhere. As a parent, having Allison to answer all your questions is like having a safety net in the circus of parenting. Allison’s calm manner, open-minded approach and non-judgmental demeanor makes parents feel like they can share their deepest fears and anxieties and know they will be safe and supported. I cannot recommend Allison enough as a parenting consultant and therapist."
Dr. Jenn Berman, Author of Superbaby and The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy Confident Kids

“…Allison’s commitment to creating a generation of exceptional parents and children is unparalleled, and we are eternally grateful.”
Monthly Parenting Group ('05-present)

"As a psychologist myself, it can be quite challenging to find other professionals whom I fully trust when I have questions about my own parenting. Allison is one of the very few in whom I place complete confidence. She brings to her practice a rare combination of depth and breadth of knowledge about child development, coupled with empathy, wisdom, and humor. I'm a better parent, and also probably also a better child psychologist, for having been in her groups and consultations."
Shannon E. Daley, Ph.D.

“...Allison has opened my eyes to a world of respectful and mindful parenting, and everyday I consequently feel more capable as a mother...”
Sarah McCormick

"Allison has been instrumental in helping me develop as a parent. She is a superb educator, and draws from her experience, as well as from all the recent literature available on child development. She has taught me to strive to maintain a balance between honoring my child's need to express himself and experience his emotions, while also maintaining my authority as a parent and using positive discipline techniques. With Allison and the group's support, I feel more confident as a parent, and I have enjoyed my relationship with my child more."
Kristen Melnyk, M.D.

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