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“...Allison is a guiding light who will help you navigate the sometimes precarious waters of family, parenting, marriage, friendship…
I can't count how many times a day I think to myself, 'Now, what would Allison say?'
She is just the best. Real, human, empathetic, smart, funny, invaluable, a dream."
Patricia Cocciolo

“I have been so inspired by Allison to constantly check in with myself about my parenting skills, so that everything I do and say considers building self-esteem and independence in my children. She reminds me…"You are not just raising children, you are raising adults too.”  
Dawn Eason

"...Allison is a font of information on the latest in the vast array of parenting information and literature.  She is a calming presence and a wonderful sounding board and guide through the parenting journey...I love being a mother to my three beautiful, well-behaved, and well-rested little boys, and I have Allison to thank!"
Molly Coleman

"... Allison is on the court as a mother of two and a wife…. I find it comforting to know that she's tackled a lot of what she is teaching.”
Jennifer Greig-Costin

“...Allison is an incredibly gifted group leader, creating an environment that is accepting, warm and safe. Her approach to raising children is thoughtful, and focuses on psychological, cognitive, and emotional development.  I have the utmost respect for her opinions and outlooks on parenting, marriage, and family.”
Stephanie Zisook, MD

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