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"...with Allison at the helm of my journey as a mother, she has provided me with parenting skills that have empowered me... Her calming disposition, along with her arsenal of information has always settled my nerves and put questions to rest. Allison's devotion to her own children shines through when she relays some of her own parenting experiences, and that devotion helped to solidify the trust I have in her.”
M. Byron Trent

“The most valuable thing Allison ever said to me was “when your child is continually misbehaving, she likely needs something more from you.” Now, rather than lose my patience, I get down on my daughter's level, and assess what she needs. My daughter has gone from insane to irresistible, and my bond with her is stronger than ever.” 
Jennifer Fine

“…Working with Allison has given me untold insight into the emotional and physical development of my children, as well as the tools to help me be the parent I want to be...”.
Keetgi Kogan Steinberg

“…I feel confident in my abilities as a mother to raise children who are well adjusted, confident, communicative, and empathic. I attribute much of this to Allison and the expert advice I received from her…”.
Jennifer Heenan

“Whether she is calming anxieties, providing guidance during a tough developmental patch or answering mundane questions, Allison maintains a warm and nonjudgmental environment, while providing clients with the tools to become successful parents. I truly believe that this past year Allison has been instrumental in helping me to more fully achieve my potential as a parent.”
Samantha Firestone, MSW

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